Internet + is the integration of Internet and traditional industries to create new development ecology.

Open source developers: Linux Apache PHP MySQL

Information technology drives change, "Internet +" innovation develops new ecosystem.

Internet + is the integration of Internet and traditional industries to create new development ecology.

From the perspective of industrial form, the Internet and traditional industries have accelerated integration; from the perspective of innovation mode, innovation carrier has changed from a single enterprise to a multi-agent innovation network; from the perspective of production mode, the new generation of information technology, especially the integration of Internet technology and manufacturing industry has been deepening, and intelligent manufacturing has accelerated its development; from the perspective of organizational form, production is characterized by miniaturization, intelligence and specialization Increasingly prominent.

In the past 20 years, the Internet has given birth to a lot of economies, living and coexisting peacefully with traditional industries. Gradually, the Internet has changed or even subverted many traditional industries, which can be divided into four stages: first, marketing through the Internet, then the Internet-based channels, and then the Internet-based products. Today, the Internet has begun to integrate into finance and education Education, tourism, health, logistics and other traditional industries.

Open source developers

The full name of open source is open source. Open source means that users use the source code to modify and learn from it, but the open source system also has copyright and is also protected by law. For the open source system, if it is found that the open source product is abused in the future or any derivative version, modified version or third-party version is developed based on the open source product for redistribution, it will be subject to legal sanctions and pay infringement compensation.

Open source object oriented

In fact, the open source system is aimed at two groups of users: first, programmers, who are most concerned about the source code, whether they can carry out secondary development and utilization; second, ordinary end users, who are only concerned about whether the software function is strong enough. The key point of open source system should be "opening up". It is the essence of open source system to accept, tolerate and develop, seek common ground while reserving differences, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

Global open source community


Linux is a set of UNIX like operating system which is free to use and spread. It is a multi-user, multi task, multi-threaded and multi CPU operating system based on POSIX and UNIX. It can run major UNIX tools, software, applications and network protocols. It supports 32-bit and 64 bit hardware. Linux is a multi-user network operating system with stable performance.

Apache (web server)

Apache is the number one web server software in the world. It can run on almost all widely used computer platforms. Because of its cross platform and security, it is one of the most popular web server-side software. It is fast, reliable and can be expanded through a simple API to compile Perl / Python and other interpreters into the server.


PHP is the hypertext preprocessor, which is a general open source scripting language. PHP is a script language executed on the server side. Similar to C, it is a common website programming language. PHP's unique syntax mixes C, Java, Perl, and PHP's own. It is conducive to learning and widely used, and is mainly applicable to the field of web development.

MySQL Community Server

MySQL is a kind of relational database management system, which saves data in different tables instead of putting all data in a large warehouse, which increases speed and flexibility.

The SQL language used by MySQL is the most commonly used standardized language for accessing databases. MySQL software adopts the dual authorization policy, which is divided into community version and commercial version. Due to its small size, fast speed, low total cost of ownership, especially the characteristics of open source, MySQL is generally selected as the website database for the development of small and medium-sized websites.


There is no doubt that Google Chrome is the most widely used Internet browser. I remember when Google launched the first version of chrome, Mozilla Firefox was much earlier than chrome. The first version of chrome was too slow and had too many bugs. At that time, I even thought it would not succeed. However, chrome became better and better, and eventually exceeded Firefox's market share. Chrome is the most popular one at present Browser, its simplicity and speed, makes it popular with many people.


Although Chrome is now the most popular browser, Mozilla Firefox is the browser that started the whole open source web browser boom. Before Mozilla Firefox, it was impossible to beat ie. the birth of Firefox made it possible.


SourceForge is a centralized place for open source software developers to manage their development. is hosted by VA software and runs SourceForge software. A large number of open source projects have been settled here (as of February 2009, more than 230000 software projects have registered to use services of more than 2 million registered users, making the largest collection of open source tools and network applications of, including MediaWiki used by Wikipedia, but also including many projects that have stopped development and one-man development.

SourceForge is the largest open source software development platform and warehouse in the world. The purpose of the website is to provide a platform for storage, collaboration and distribution of open source software. SourceForge has a large number of excellent open source software. In fact, these software can completely replace some commercial software.


PHPChina is a PHP centered open source technology website and communication community for software developers and program enthusiasts. As the only authorized official website of PHP language development company Zend technology in Greater China, PHPChina is also the official community of Zend China technical support center and the open source community of each PHP ER in China.

Open source Chinese community

Open source Chinese community is a non-profit public welfare website founded by the software and integrated circuit promotion center of the Ministry of industry and information technology. Its purpose is to establish a healthy and orderly open source ecological environment, promote the prosperity of open source software in China, and promote the informatization process in China. The community provides forum, collaborative development, software resource base, resource yellow pages and other resources. Its collaborative development platform supports the first open-source ERP project in China - enshin ERP, Tsinghua University degree thesis latex template and other important projects.

Application open source project


JQuery is a multi browser compatible JavaScript library. The core idea is write less, do more. It is also the most popular JavaScript library, with more than 55% of the world's top 10000 most visited websites using jQuery. JQuery is free and open source, using MIT license agreement. The syntax design of jQuery can make the development more convenient, such as operating document objects, selecting DOM elements, animating, event handling, using Ajax and other functions. In addition, jQuery provides APIs for developers to write plug-ins. Its modular use makes it easy for developers to develop powerful static or dynamic web pages.


Ffmpeg is a set of open source computer programs that can be used to record, convert digital audio and video, and convert them into streams. Use LGPL or GPL license. It provides a complete solution for recording, converting, and streaming audio and video. It contains a very advanced audio / video codec library libavcodec. In order to ensure high portability and codec quality, many codecs in libavcodec are developed from scratch.

Ffmpeg is developed on Linux platform, but it can also be compiled and run in other operating system environments, including windows, Mac OS X, etc. The project was originally initiated by fabric bellard and is now being maintained by Michael niedermayer. Many developers of ffmpeg are from Mplayer project, and ffmpeg is currently on the server of Mplayer project group. The name of the project comes from MPEG video coding standard, and the "FF" in front represents "fast forward".


Kindeditor is a set of open-source HTML visual editor, which is mainly used to let users get WYSIWYG editing effect on the website. It is compatible with ie, Firefox, chrome, Safari, opera and other mainstream browsers.


Phpexcel, which supports almost all common Excel functions, supports. XLS or this. Xlsx format. Function support includes any metadata of the table, adding worksheet / row / column, merging cells, operating formula, etc., and it is perfectly compatible with Excel in MS office. Support printing Oh, pro!


Perfect compatibility with MF word and support to open. Doc or. Docx. You can insert text, text characters, pagination, headers / footers, tables, elements in lists, hyperlinks, and so on.


You can present documents, add slides, support the addition of images, media, and information about the author. Perfect compatibility with MS office.

Swift Mailer

Swift mailer is a PHP mail library with rich functions. It does not rely on the mail () function of PHP, because it takes up a lot of system resources when sending multiple mails. Swift communicates directly with SMTP server, which has very high sending speed and efficiency.

Zebra Image

Zebra image is an open source lightweight image processing library, and is an object-oriented library. It only needs PHP gD2 extension, and supports zoom, crop, rotate and flip operations. It can be used in. JPG,. GIF,. PNG and other formats.


OAuth protocol provides a safe, open and simple standard for user resource authorization. The difference with the previous authorization method is that the authorization of OAuth will not make the third party touch the user's account information (such as user name and password), that is, the third party can apply for authorization of the user resource without using the user's user name and password, so OAuth is secure. OAuth is a shorthand for open authorization.

Gantt Charts

Gantti is an open source PHP class that helps users generate Gantt charts in real time. Using gantti to create charts does not require JavaScript, it is pure html5-css3. The chart's default output is beautiful, but you can customize the style for output (SASS style sheet).


Jqmphp is a PHP open-source class library, which aims to simplify the mobile development of jQuery and PHP, and generate the HTML files needed to use the jQuery mobile framework. The files of this class library are independent, so you can choose to use them according to your needs.


Large file fragment upload tool, without flash, supports breakpoint retransmission.


PhpMyAdmin is a MySQL database management tool based on Web. It can create and delete databases, create / delete / modify tables, delete / edit / add fields, execute SQL scripts, etc.