Enterprise needs

E3 Max integrated application platform

E3max light ERP and CRM system E3 enterprise information system is an all-round enterprise level information system developed by combining the application of small and micro enterprises with the essential thought of international leading ERP and CRM. Including planning, customer, sales, production, procurement, quality, inventory, accounting, capital, credit management in one.

E3. Net industry portal

We provide solutions for the industry portal, not only from the technical point of view to consider the industry website, but also from the industry point of view, to analyze the needs of customers, to provide content suitable for their own characteristics, through the application of different modules, to create a unique industry website. Our E3. Net industry portal system includes common news, product, enterprise, video, knowledge, membership and other modules, as well as order and payment online transaction modules.

In addition to these basic modules, we customized appropriate website data structure and operation system according to the characteristics of websites in different industries to ensure that our own characteristics are highlighted.

E3 one enterprise portal

This is a fully functional self-management enterprise portal system. We provide comprehensive e-commerce application services for enterprises, and use highly reliable, scalable and self-service application systems to achieve the upgrading of enterprise websites. As a growing enterprise, the website is not only a window for the enterprise, but also a communication of its own culture and concept to the outside world. Personalized, interactive, stable, multi graphic, real-time update, e-commerce functions are the necessary choice for the enterprise website.

E3 OA office system

The simplified e3oa system OA system is built in e3max and is used as an office module. To meet the needs of small and micro enterprises, OA focuses on file sharing, schedule management, notice receiving and sending management, instant message management and vehicle management. It can meet the daily business of the enterprise.

E3 Mo mobile business platform

E3mo mobile service platform is the link between mobile terminal and e3max and E3. Net system. It includes SMS message information system and mobile terminal app. To meet the needs of customer information communication and mobile business processing. The mobile business platform is connected with e3max's sales, accounting, production, customer management and other modules in real time. Based on the cloud platform, remote operation is realized.

E3 im instant messaging system

E3im with E3 other products to achieve instant messaging and communication functions. The system is completely based on browser, does not need to install the client, penetrates the firewall, and can be closely combined with the website message system and mobile SMS message system to meet the communication of community users, online customer service and CRM application.