Every developer, day and night work, achievements, although small, priceless!

Happy work creates value

Happy work creates value

Engaged in hobby work, full of enthusiasm in work!

Work is not only a means of survival, but also a way for individuals to realize their value.

Many of us don't come from it majors. The reason why we choose developers is because of our hobbies in this process.

Tens of thousands of lines of code is not an easy work to write, and it needs to be debugged again and again to achieve normal operation, that is to say, only 50% of it is completed. It also needs to be operated by testers from the perspective of users to further improve the operation experience.

During this period, for many people, it is boring, boring and vexed, but for the real fans, it is a step-by-step solution to the problem, with hard work to achieve the goal.

For the developers of hobbies, what they get is not the material return, but more the practice of personal value.

Professional and innovative

It is not only a learning process, but also a creative process to understand information technology and use various methods to achieve the final effect.

Although for developers, there will be a lot of reference code, but we are not just a demonstration project, but a complete information and process processing, more need to write the required code.

With more than ten years of experience, we have a certain professional foundation, but the development speed of information technology is far beyond imagination. Under the guidance of technology, it can help us to complete the development of functional modules more quickly.

Information products are different from display projects. The interface is only the smallest part, more importantly, the process function and statistical analysis function that meet the needs. Each application module needs to start from the needs, carry out the research and preparation of process, model, algorithm and data, so as to get involved in the code writing, and then connect them in series to realize the real simulation work 。

Each of these links is the operation of the developer's heart in the creation and actual use process. In the developer's brain, it has already run many times and screened the best scheme!

People oriented sharing of achievements

Respect for developers, with the open-source mode and humanized thought, we have gathered the elites who have the development intention and dare to practice, so we should share this achievement!

In the face of the lack of basic software fund support environment in China, our developers must first have a job to survive, and then they can participate in our projects according to their own interests and hobbies. This selfless contribution can achieve the improvement and improvement of E3 information products.

For the information technology members of small and micro enterprises, the cost and experience of individual project development can not solve these problems at all, and the results of our project will become a fast platform, rich interfaces and secondary development applications, which can help enterprises easily carry out the implementation of information projects.

Practice ideal and return society

The excellent developers who master technology are also a group of people who have ideals and dreams. As a free product developer, based on hobbies and interests, we can realize our ideals and dreams through the project and achieve the value of life, which is a meaningful life and a warm and happy life!

Every step of our progress is also based on the accumulation of our predecessors. It is the development of science and technology that brings us rich materials. Therefore, only with a grateful heart can we assume the responsibility of repaying the society.

Every day, ask yourself:

What is my dream?

Why am I alive?

What is my value?

What else do I need to do?

Every developer, day and night work, achievements, although small, priceless!