Provide a comprehensive e-commerce website, reliable, scalable, self-service, personalized

Enterprise website system

Full function independent management enterprise website system

This is to provide comprehensive e-commerce application services for enterprises, and realize the upgrading of enterprise websites by using highly reliable, scalable and self-service application systems. As a growing enterprise, the website is not only a window for the enterprise, but also a communication of its own culture and concept to the outside world. Personalized, interactive, stable, multi graphic, instant update and e-commerce functions are necessary choices for the enterprise website, and a more simple and efficient management platform will effectively help you to establish a personalized enterprise e-commerce network quickly Stand!

We aim at the individualized demand of e-commerce, and make an application system implemented quickly by the enterprise. It has the functions of website management, enterprise information release, product management, customer management, online sales, order management and customer service. It has been able to meet the application demand of e-commerce of the enterprise and provide the enterprise with the track of entering e-commerce application quickly.

Practice has proved that only when most enterprises in the industry start to pay attention to and use information tools, improve their management level and optimize business processes, can enterprises truly feel the benefits brought by information technology. Only when the suppliers, collaborators and customers of enterprises can use information technology and e-commerce tools to communicate and operate with enterprises, can they make enterprises Informatization has value.

Choose your own personalized interface

Independent design of the site, that is only for you to design alone, different.

Ordinary template websites can't leave a deep impression on visitors, of course, it will also affect the return rate of visitors. A thousand people are familiar with each other. After reading it, I can't remember whether it was Zhang San's website or Li Si's website that I visited just now. I think many people have a deep understanding of this. Moreover, it can not improve the corporate image, or even damage the corporate image. If we want to improve the corporate image, we must have a well-designed website. If your website can make visitors have a bright feeling, your website design is successful.

Personalized website design is more beneficial for website ranking and search. Why? Because in addition to what we see in the browser, there are also some (or even most) web code (HTML code) hidden behind the visible text and pictures, and these codes are clearly seen by the search engine. When a search engine judges whether the content of a website is original, it will not only compare whether the visible content is original, but also compare whether the invisible code is different. Template based websites are almost identical in their invisible code parts, which of course affects website rankings. In addition, the template type website, its page code often contains more garbage, which causes the difficulty of later site maintenance. Compared with personalized website design, it's like one is full of patched clothes, and the other is new.

Multi terminal and multi platform experience

Now, the website access terminal has been expanded from computer to mobile device, and adapt to the basic requirements of multiple terminals already enterprise website. It is based on our consistent data and system engine, with the ever-changing interface design interface, to meet the design requirements of different access terminals, the system can automatically provide the corresponding website interface according to the access terminal.