Our GNU General Public License guarantees you the freedom to release free software (you can charge a fee for this service if you want); guarantees that you can receive the source program or get it when you need it

GPL (GNU General Public License)

GPL (GNU General Public License)

Our GNU General Public License guarantees you the freedom to release free software (you can charge a fee for this service if you want); guarantees that you can receive the source program or get it when you need it; guarantees that you can modify the software or use part of it for new free software; and guarantees that you know that you can do these things.

In order to protect your rights, we need to make provisions: prohibit anyone from not recognizing your rights, or ask you to give up these rights. If you modify the free software or release a copy of the software, these rules translate into your responsibility.

For example, if you publish a copy of such a program, whether for fee or free, you must give all the rights you have to your recipients; you must guarantee that they can receive or get the source program; and you must show them these terms to let them know that they have such rights.

We take two measures to protect your rights.

(1) Copyright the software.

(2) Give you a license. It gives you legal permission to copy, distribute and modify the software.

Likewise, to protect each author and ourselves, we need to make it clear to everyone that free software is not guaranteed. If the software is modified by someone else and continues to be disseminated. We need its recipients to understand that what they get is not the original free software. Any problems introduced by others shall not damage the reputation of the original author.

Finally, any free software is constantly threatened by software patents. We hope to avoid the risk that redistributors of free software will obtain patent licenses in their own name. In fact, make software private. To prevent this, we must be clear: any patent must be based on the premise that everyone is allowed to use it freely, otherwise, no patent is allowed.

Terms and conditions for copying, publishing and modifying

0. This license is applicable to any program and other works containing the copyright owner's statement, in which the copyright owner clearly states that the program and works can be published under the GPL terms. "Program" mentioned below refers to any such program or work. "Program based work" refers to a program or any derivative work subject to copyright law. That is, a work that contains a program or part of a program. It can be intact, modified and / or translated into other languages. In the following, translation is included in the revised terms. Each license EE is called by you. License terms do not apply to activities other than copying, publishing, and modifying. These activities are beyond the scope of these articles. The activities of running the program are not limited by the terms. This clause applies only if the output of a program constitutes content based on the work of the program (it does not matter if the program is run only). The general application depends on what the procedure is specifically used for.

1. As long as you prominently and properly publish the copyright statement and disclaimer of warranty on each copy, keep the statement of this license and the statement without warranty intact, and together with the program, give each other program recipient a copy of the license, you can copy and publish the source code of the original program you receive with any media. You can charge a fee for the actual action of transferring the copy. You also have the option to offer a guarantee in exchange for a fee.

2. You can modify one or more copies of the program or any part of the program to form a program based work. As long as you meet all of the following conditions at the same time, you can copy and publish this modified program or work according to the requirements of the first paragraph above.

a) You must include a clear statement in the revised document: you have revised this document and the specific date of modification.

b) You must make your published or published work (which includes all or part of the program, or works derived from all or part of the program) available to third parties as a whole, free of charge, under the terms of the license.

c) If the modified program reads the command interactively at runtime, you must make it print or display the statement when it begins to enter the normal interactive use mode: including the appropriate copyright statement and the statement without guarantee (or the statement with guarantee provided by you); the user can republish the instructions of the program according to the terms of this license; and tell the user how to see this license Copy. (exception: if the original program works interactively, it doesn't print such a statement, and your program-based work doesn't print the statement).

These requirements apply to the whole of the revised work. If it can be determined that part of the work is not a derivative of the program, it can be reasonably considered that this part is independent and different. When you publish it as a stand-alone work, it is not subject to this license and its terms. But when you publish this part as part of a program based work, it will be subject to the license terms as a whole. The use of other licensees is extended to the entire product. That is, every part, no matter who wrote it. Therefore, the intent of this clause is not to claim rights; or to deprive you of the rights to all works written by you. It is the exercise of rights to control the release of collective works or derivative works based on procedures. In addition, placing works unrelated to the program on the same volume as the program or program-based works in the storage or publishing media does not result in placing other works within the scope of this license.

3. You can copy or publish the program (or program-based works in accordance with paragraph 2) in object code or executable form, as long as you comply with the previous paragraphs 1 and 2 and meet one of the following three paragraphs at the same time.

a) On the media commonly used for software exchange, the complete machine-readable source code is attached with the target code. The release of these sources shall meet the requirements of paragraphs 1 and 2 above. perhaps

b) On the media commonly used for software exchange, along with the target code, there is a written quotation to provide the corresponding machine-readable source code to the third party. The period of validity shall not be less than 3 years, and the expenses shall not exceed the actual cost of actually completing the source program release. The release of source code shall meet the requirements of paragraphs 1 and 2 above. perhaps

c) Along with the target code, attach the quotation information of the source code you received. (this clause only applies to non-commercial releases, and you only receive the target code or executable code of the program and the offer required by B). The source code of a work refers to the form that is the most preferred for the modification of the work. For the executable works, the complete source code includes: all the source programs of all modules, plus the definition of the relevant interface, plus the script to control the installation and compilation of the executable works. As a special exception, the released source code does not need to contain any major components of the operating system (such as compiler, kernel, etc.) that are normally released for the executable code to run on. Unless these components are combined with the executable work. If the executable code or target code is released by providing access to and copying from the designated location, then providing access to and copying from the same location can be regarded as source code publishing, even if the third party does not insist on copying the source code together with the target code.

4. You cannot copy, modify, forward licenses and release programs unless you explicitly follow the requirements of the license. Any attempt to copy, modify, forward licenses and publish programs in other ways is invalid. And will automatically end the rights granted to you by the license. However, for those who receive copies and rights from you in accordance with the terms of the license, the rights granted to them by the license remain in effect as long as they continue to fully perform the terms.

5. You didn't sign the permit, so you don't have to accept it. However, nothing else gives you the right to modify and distribute the program and its derivatives. If you do not accept a license, these actions are prohibited by law. Therefore, if you modify or distribute the program (or any work based on the program), you indicate that you accept this license and all relevant copies, publications and modifications of the program or base

The terms and conditions of the work in the program.

6. Whenever you republish the program (or any work based on the program), the recipient automatically receives a license from the original licensor to copy, publish, or modify the program subject to these terms and conditions. You cannot impose other restrictions on the recipient's performance of the rights given to them here. Nor do you force a third party to comply with the terms of the license.

7. If, as a result of a court decision or an allegation of patent violation or for any other reason (not limited to patent issues), the conditions imposed on you (whether court decision, agreement or otherwise) conflict with the conditions of the license. They can't justify you with the license terms. As a result, you may not release the program at all when you are unable to meet both your obligations under this license and other related obligations. For example, if a patent license does not allow all those who directly or indirectly receive copies from you to redistribute the program without paying a patent fee, the only way to meet both requirements is to stop the publishing process.

If any part of this clause is invalid or unenforceable in a specific environment, the rest of the clause will be used. And use the terms as a whole for other environments. The purpose of this clause is not to induce you to infringe or dispute the validity of a claim for a patent or other property right. The main purpose of this clause is to protect the integrity of the free software distribution system. It is implemented through the application of general public license. Many people adhere to the system and have made generous contributions to the release of a large number of free software through the system. The author / donor has the right to decide whether he / she will release the software through any other system. The licensee cannot enforce this option.

The purpose of this section is to make it clear what the rest of the license might produce.

8. If the distribution and use of the program in some countries are limited due to patent or copyright interface problems, the original copyright owner who places the program under the license restriction can add the terms of restricted distribution area to exclude these countries. And release procedures outside these countries. In this case, the restrictions contained in the license are as valid as the license text.

9. The free software foundation may publish revised or new versions of the general public license at any time. The new version is consistent with the current version in principle, but there may be differences in details when referring to new problems or related matters.

Each version has a different version number. If the program specifies the license version number that applies to it and "any updated version.". You have the right to choose to follow the specified version or a new version published by the free software foundation in the future. If the program does not specify a license version, you can choose any version that has been published by the free software foundation.

10. If you want to combine parts of the program with other free programs, they have different release conditions. Write to the author and ask for permission to use. If the software is copyrighted by the free software foundation, write to the free software foundation. We sometimes deal with them as exceptions. Our decision is guided by two main objectives. The two main goals are: to keep our derivative works of free software free. And promote the sharing and reuse of software as a whole.

No guarantee

11. As the program is allowed to be used free of charge, there is no guarantee for the program to the extent permitted by applicable law. Unless otherwise stated in writing, the copyright owner and / or the people who provide the program "do not provide any kind of warranty. Whether explicit or implicit. Including but not limited to implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. You are responsible for all the risks, such as the quality and performance of the program. If there is a defect in the program, you are responsible for all necessary services, repairs and corrections.

12. Except as required by applicable law or written agreement, in no event shall any copyright owner or any person who modifies and publishes the program in accordance with the terms of the license be liable for your loss. Including any general, special, incidental or significant loss caused by the use or inability to use the program (including but not limited to the loss of data, or the data becomes inaccurate, or the continuous loss of you or a third party, or the program cannot coordinate with other programs). Even if copyright owners and others mention the possibility of such a loss, it is no exception.

Free license for E3 series products

Please read the following terms carefully before using the software. Including the exemption or limitation of author's liability and the limitation of user's rights. Your installation and use will be deemed as acceptance of this Agreement and agree to be bound by the terms of this agreement.

This user license agreement (hereinafter referred to as the agreement) is a legal agreement between you (individual or single organization group) and E3 series information system software (hereinafter referred to as "software" or "software product"). Before you use this software product, please read this agreement. Any software, electronic documents, etc. related to this Agreement shall be granted to you according to the terms of this agreement. Meanwhile, this agreement is also applicable to any later release and upgrade of this software product. Once you install, copy, download, access or otherwise use the software product, you agree to be bound by the terms of this agreement. If you refuse to accept the terms of this agreement, please stop downloading, installing or using the software and its related services.

1、 Licensing.

This agreement grants you the following rights:

Installation and use:

You can install an unlimited number of software products to use.

Replication, distribution and dissemination:

You may copy, distribute and disseminate unlimited quantities of software products, but you must ensure that each copy, distribution and dissemination must be complete and authentic, including all software, electronic documents, copyright and trademark declarations related to the software products, as well as this agreement.

2、 Other rights and restrictions.

The software is open source and complies with the GPL license agreement.

The software itself cannot be used for commercial profit.

The modification of the software shall be distributed and spread together with the homologous code, and the integrity of the software shall be maintained.

Separation of components:

This software product is licensed as a single product and shall not be used separately for any purpose.


If you fail to comply with the conditions of this agreement, the copyright owner may terminate this Agreement without prejudice to other rights. If this happens, you must destroy all copies of the software product and its parts.

3、 Specially authorized by the author:

This software is free. The developers of this system, including the subsequent modification developers, are authorized as follows:

1. All newspapers, magazines and publishers can use this software for free in all kinds of CD.

2. Each computer manufacturer and seller may install the software in the computers they produce or sell for free use by their customers.

3. When developers modify the software, please keep the integrity of the software and publish it with the source code.

4、 Disclaimer:

There is no express or implied warranty of any kind attached to the software, including any warranty as to the applicability of the software, non infringement of intellectual property rights or fitness for a particular purpose.

In no event shall the author be liable for any damages resulting from the use or inability to use the software, even if the author has been informed of the possibility of such damages. The author does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information, text, graphics, links or other matters contained in this software. The author can change the software at any time without notice.

In addition, for some reasons, the software prompts the operation platform that the software will not assume any responsibility or provide any explicit or implied guarantee for all copyright issues or disputes caused by the third-party information data produced, downloaded or used by the user himself.