An all-round enterprise level information system developed for small and micro enterprises

Enterprise information system

E3 information system is more suitable for small and micro enterprises with simple business, limited scale, low management level and lack of IT department.

With business process and daily management as the core, the product provides simple and effective operation modules.

It is mainly used in the following industries:

1. Wholesale and retail

2. Industrial manufacturing

3. Food processing industry

4. Automobile maintenance industry

5. Agriculture, forestry, fishery and aquaculture

E3 Max Light ERP and CRM system

E3 (E3 enterprise realtime resource information system) enterprise information system is an all-round enterprise level information system developed by combining the application of small and medium-sized enterprises with the essential ideas of ERP and CRM, which are internationally leading. Including planning, customer, sales, production, procurement, quality, inventory, accounting, capital, credit management in one.

E3 Max is the daily work platform of the enterprise

E3 system also has announcement, schedule, work plan, network storage, online meeting, video on demand, office, vehicle, human resources, SMS, e-mail and many other modules to meet the needs of enterprise daily management.

E3 Max reflects real-time enterprise operation status

The E3 system has complete real-time performance, which can reflect the operation status of the enterprise at any time. From sales plan entry to order generation, operation processing, production process monitoring, real-time inventory change, customer current account, capital flow status, customer feedback and processing, cost change, and various management modules are in real-time operation, more accurate.

E3 Max is an efficient cross platform application system

The E3 system uses advanced web technology as the system platform, which is compatible with a variety of popular operating environments. It can run directly on windows, UNIX, Linux, OS / 2, Mac OS and other operating systems. Support mysql, MSSQL, Oracle, Sybase and other large databases, but also access, MSSQL, SQLite databases.

E3 Max has strong scalability and scalability

E3 system is a network system from the foundation. Users only need one server authorization to process business through unlimited remote clients. Modules are considered in the design of the system. Each functional module runs independently and can be selected according to the needs. At the same time, convenient expansibility has become a feature of the system, which can be developed according to the actual situation of the enterprise. In addition, because the client does not pre install any software (plug-in), the maintenance workload of the administrator is greatly reduced. At the same time, the system has low requirements on the hardware environment, and it can run quickly in the Bureau (wide) domain network, becoming the best choice for small and medium-sized enterprises.

E3 Max helps businesses:

Comprehensively improve enterprise informatization, improve business process, enhance cooperation and communication, and get the maximum return with the minimum investment!

Small and micro enterprises in these industries are characterized by low level of information technology, more attention to business information, nonstandard management process and limited technical level of operators.